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Multiple Logins

Multilogging - Check out this tutorial on how to log into runescape with multiple accounts.

File Repository

      I've just finished the Runeware File Repository, a project that I've been working on for a long time. The Repository is a categorized collection of runescape macros, autoers, and scripts all available for download here. The Repository also allows Runeware members to upload and share files of their own. Please realize however that uploaded files may not be used illegally. Any abuse may result in expulsion from this site.

Runescape Autobots & Macros

      Because of the way that Runescape is built, it is impossible for a computer to interact directly with the runescape server. Because of this, Runescape autobots must use the same interface that you use when you play Runescape. Using artificial intelligence to play in place of a human is called macroing. Many different programs have been developed in the runescape botting community to do just this. You can browse through a list of specialized programs here. Autobots generally fall into these classes:  

Macroing with SCAR

      In the early days of Runescape 2 cheating, a program called AutoRune was developed by Kaitnieks which had the ability to talk directly to Jagex's Runescape servers. This allowed hackers to mine, bank, or woodcut with virtually infinite speed - limited only by the capabilities of their computers. AutoRune became very popular among the runescape cheating community and grew a large user base. Unfortunately, Jagex soon became aware of this technology and closed up the security problems which had allowed AutoRune to function. In its place, a program called SCAR, short for "S*** compared to AutoRune" was developed. SCAR is a script engine which allows players to write macros and run them in Runescape. It has several built-in routines to automate applications, including ones to deal with mouse movement, screen coordinates, string manipulation, color, and bitmap recognition. SCAR can also easily simulate key strokes and mouse clicks. SCAR has become hugely popular today because of its advanced routines which have made it extremely easy for programmers to build functional runescape macros. The latest version of SCAR is SCAR Divi 3.37 released by Freddy1990 at

SRL - SCAR Resource Library

      A recent addition to Scar was SRL. The "SCAR Resource Library" is an add-on to SCAR which gives SCAR many advanced functions like the ability to recognize letters in Runescape. SRL has replaced one-by-one includes by creating an all-inclusive library which contains everything. SCAR Divi 3.11 comes with the latest version of SRL (3.6), or you can download it here: Scriptable_Programs.